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Levana Bratique


What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

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What do you do when you want to feel beautiful? I spend the majority of my time at home with my three young sons, so I'm not thinking much about beauty when I'm washing sheets and mopping ketchup off faces. Even when I'm working, I work from home and tend to just wear athleisure clothes...

Lately, I've been inspired by Sara. I interviewed her earlier this month about her experience finding a lasting joy and reawakening from posing for boudoir shots. It really resonated with me when she talked about being in "mom mode" for so long that she forgot some of the layers of her personality--namely that she is a sexy partner for her husband, that she is a beautiful woman in addition to being a mom and a realtor. 

I also loved what Sara said about how finding a good bra helped her to feel beautiful in many ways. 

One of our favorite aspects of selling bras is talking to women about how drastically our good-fitting bras can change their lives. Why is that? 

For one thing, I know when I buy a bra from Judy, it's usually dead sexy. My Matilda bra is totally sheer and the embellishments are just stunning. I mean look at it. Who wouldn't feel beautiful wearing that? Before I met Judy, I was shopping in department stores and sadly walking home with beige bras that looked like things my grandmothers wore. I just never imagined I could find sexy bras to fit me. So now, when I get a lacy bra or a sheer bra from Levana Bratique, I just feel sexy and beautiful when I'm wearing it. 

Since my bras fit me properly, I'm not hunched or aching. My back doesn't hurt, the underwires don't poke me, and I'm feeling beautiful because I'm comfortable

The bonus is, of course, that when I'm wearing a bra that fits well, my clothes fit well on top of it. For me, this means I look thinner because my bust is placed where it ought to be and then my shirts no longer gape, bulge, or pull taut. Suddenly, even my athleisure clothes make me feel beautiful.

But, then, it feels wrong to wear such a beautiful bra under a tech shirt with leggings, so I'm more inspired to wear a real shirt and real pants, until eventually, I look totally put together. That helps me feel beautiful, too.

Who knew a bra could have such a ripple effect? 

Matilda is just one of many bras we carry that are supportive and sexy, and we like to think even our beige bras are beautiful. If you want to check out Matilda, she's our bra of the month for April. Come, let us help you feel beautiful one layer at a time. 

*I received an employee discount to purchase Matilda.

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