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Behind the Scenes with Ewa

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It's no secret that we're total fan-gals of Ewa Michalak here at Levana Bratique. The way their bras support large breasts from the side is unparalleled. We are always super excited to offer their new products, which almost always fly off our shelves immediately. 

Did you know Ewa Michalak is an actual person? It's not just another company name--Ewa is a woman in Poland, hand stitching bras that have form AND function, designing products with large-busted customers in mind at every stage. 

We chatted via email with her interpreter, Kaska, to learn more about what goes into the design and construction of these seamed-cup beauties. 

We learned that full-bust bras require special reinforced fabric at the bottom of the cups and additional supportive mesh under the lace tops, so one of the first steps for Ewa is locating the ideal fabric for the job. Since the band of the bra must support a lot of weight without rolling, special consideration goes into locating material that will work with all body types comfortably. Additionally, the underwires in an Ewa bra are custom made just for her. When you see an estimate of 8-10 weeks for delivery of an Ewa bra, know that an actual person is sitting and stitching it for you by hand, with carefully selected materials. Just for you!

Kaska and Ewa say they test their bras on real women for over a year before introducing them to the market. "Bigger bras are not simply small bras scaled up," she says. She does not use computer software to scale a pattern--she draws everything by hand, allowing her to better feel the shapes she creates. Some other bras with side supports have visible panels and, frankly, look like old-lady bras. Ewa takes such care with her designs and fabric selection that the results are sexy and supportive, even up to a U cup. Yes, that's U for Unbelievable Design. 

Ewa's background is in engineering and she had an early career as a seamstress. She and her sister have direct experience with clients--in every shape and size--and this attention to her audience paired with her mathematical approach results in masterfully constructed lingerie. It's not easy, for instance, to hoist up a large set of nursing breasts. We have a long-standing joke that customers who come in to buy an Ewa Biscuit nursing bra will look so good in it, they'll come back a year later with another baby. 

Ewa bras are most definitely high-performance tools! Ewa and Kaska say that while many smaller people have similar and predictable body shapes, they see a wider variety of body shapes in larger clients. Someone with a large bust might have a small rib cage, or a large tummy. There might be more tissue on a client's back or arms. "Bigger bras are engineered much more than smaller bras, to provide good shape and support and still work for as many clients as possible," Ewa says. 

Having worked as a seamstress, Ewa notes that bras are much more complicated than other garments. They don't drape or hang loosely. Bras "have to provide support and still feel comfortable," she says, and are constructed from many, many parts. "Even a difference of a few milimeters can drastically change the pattern and sewing method," she says. 

We sure are glad Ewa and her staff keep at this important and challenging work. Levana Bratique carries over 40 Ewa styles and matching panties, in both nursing bra and regular options for many styles. 

Which Ewa bras are your favorite? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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