5 Favorite Reasons Levana Bratique Rocks

31st Jan 2019

I began blogging for Judy the Bra Whisperer 8 years ago. Isn't that amazing? I met Judy while I was pregnant with my second child, who is now in first grade. I have watched as she grew and transformed her business through different settings and focus. But always, always, Judy's clients are centered in her work. 

You just can't find that in a box store. This type of customer care only exists in small boutiques like Levana. My life is very different now than it was 8 years ago, and I've accepted a job that takes up all my available working hours, so this is my final day as a bra blogger. I wanted to share my 5 favorite reasons I kept doing it for so long!

1. Judy is an amazing boss. Does it make you feel good to support businesses who treat their people well? Look no further. Judy gave every single employee a raise in 2016, wanting to do more than just lip service in a political climate that seemed frightening for small businesses. This is not a business purely focused on profit. This is a space where everyone from the blogger to the person who packs up the bras to ship is being well-compensated. We need more Judy's in the world. 

2. I found bras that changed my life. I have huge breasts. I had just resigned myself to wearing tan monstrosities forever and always, until I met Judy. She taught me that bra tanks exist for the big busted. She taught me that there are sexy bras for me. Me! I'm wearing one right now that's both sexy and supportive. I'm wearing it at work, on a day where the high temperature is 3 degrees. Ain't nobody seeing this bra but me, but dang if I don't feel good wearing it. 

3. Judy knows nursing. You will not find a bigger selection of nursing bras in Pittsburgh, to fit every type of nursing parent. Along with this inventory comes something even more valuable: Judy's knowledge about nursing. As she fits people for their nursing bras, Judy can often support them in their nursing challenges, whether that's breastfeeding without birthing or navigating the complex waters of working and breastfeeding. This blog post for Judy even ended up being used as a handout by WIC--isn't that amazing? 

4. Levana staff knows about bodies. No matter what your body is doing, whether it's getting smaller or larger, undergoing mastectomy, growing a human...no matter what, Judy and her staff know what type of bra will help. I hear phrases like "high tummy" or "small band, large cup" flying around left and right. They know which bras are best for people with arthritis who can't fiddle with a clasp. They know which bras work for your wedding. They can help you not leak all over yourself your first day back to work while you're breastfeeding. And if they encounter a body situation they're unfamiliar with? They reach out to their global network of manufacturers to find a solution. 

5. Judy cares about you. She cares about me, not because I work for her, but because she cares about people. She cares about you, too. If you've been in for a fitting, she remembers. She remembers your special needs, like asymmetry or when you're weaning. She wants to help you land a new job, celebrate your wedding, and she offers up classroom space at Levana if you have a message to share with the community. Levana Bratique wants to help you be your very best self. They know you, and they make the world a smaller, friendlier place. 

So, as I log out one final time, I am not actually super sad, because I know I'll keep Judy in my life. Even if I can't make it up to her bratique for a personalized fitting, I can use the Virtual Bra FittingĀ® Bra Sizing Service and get the same amazing support. More likely, I will see her out and about in the community, making the world a little bit better. 

If you haven't stopped in yet, for some reason, I hope you will. You might find, 8 years later, you can't imagine your life without Levana Bratique.