Our Top 5 Favorite Nursing Bras

8th Aug 2019

With August being national breastfeeding month, we wanted to take a moment to highlight 5 of our favorite nursing bras.1- The Eleanor Nursing Bra is our most popular nursing bra and features an underw … read more

Recognizing (and Combating) Disordered Eating

30th Jul 2019

This week, let’s chat about gaining independence from disordered eating. I, for one, eat my feelings. Happy? Let’s celebrate with a cupcake! Sad? I’ll drown my sorrows in a pint of ice cream or an en … read more

Embracing Self Love Through a Boudoir Session

23rd Jul 2019

This week, let’s focus on gaining independence from that critical little voice that tells you you aren’t enough…aren’t skinny enough, curvy enough, pretty enough, confident enough, or generally worthy … read more

4 Signs You Are Being True To Yourself

19th Jul 2019

It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are. – E. E. CummingsOne of the ways we can exercise our independence is by being true to ourselves. In a world where we are constantly bo … read more

Finding your Personal Declaration of Independence

9th Jul 2019

This month at Levana Bratique, we’re celebrating our independence. That can take shape in so many different ways. Is it finally letting go of a toxic relationship or friendship? Is it giving your … read more