Finding your Personal Declaration of Independence

9th Jul 2019

This month at Levana Bratique, we’re celebrating our independence. That can take shape in so many different ways. Is it finally letting go of a toxic relationship or friendship? Is it giving your … read more

Break up with your bad bras

4th Jul 2019

Happy 4th of July! As we celebrate our nation’s independence today, we’ve also been thinking of other things we should declare our independence from this month. Let’s start by giving our lingerie … read more

A few of our favorite things: Camisole edition

26th Jun 2019

All of our camisoles are 10% off this month, so we wanted to highlight two of the coziest, most supportive camis we carry, and the company behind them.Bella Materna was created in 2000 by friends … read more

Tackling LGBTQ Homelessness: The Brave Heart Foundation

21st Jun 2019

Lack of affordable housing means that many people are one paycheck away from homelessness. A sudden illness, job loss, aging out of foster care, or the end of a relationship put many people out on the … read more

The Importance of Juneteenth

17th Jun 2019

Juneteenth (the combining of ‘June’ and ‘Nineteenth’) is the oldest known celebration to commemorate the ending of slavery in the United States. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but don’t totally underst … read more