A little introduction

5th Feb 2019

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I’m Levana Bratique's new blogger, and I clearly have some big shoes to fill. But oh my gosh, am I excited to get started!

A bit about me: I’m the mom of a 5 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I’m an entrepreneur, currently a full time student, and if I’m being honest, this season of my life is so busy, there are a lot of days it feels like I’m just getting by.

As a writer and photographer, I’ve spent much of my career focusing on connecting with and empowering women on issues ranging from human trafficking, to body positivity, to helping women embrace their post-mastectomy bodies. So when I found out that Judy, Levana’s owner, was looking for a new blogger, I thought ‘well, that sounds right up my alley!’

One of the things I loooove about Levana Bratique is that it’s a woman-owned, local business. I love that Judy - and everyone here- is committed to helping people find solutions to their problems. I love that Levana is dedicated to being inclusive and welcoming to every body.

I’ve been heavy and I’ve been thin, I’ve had large breasts, and I’ve had none. Right now, I’m in the midst of breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy. I encourage women to love themselves exactly as they are, but it’s something I find I still struggle with myself.

The first time I visited Levana, I immediately noticed how comfortable it feels when you walk in. Like you’re about to have an experience. The colors, the design, the layout…it’s simple, beautiful, and so welcoming.

Judy is one of those people that just makes you feel comfortable right away. She is very clearly in her element with what she does. As we walked around the boutique, I could feel her passion and enthusiasm as she showed me the diverse range of product lines, pointing out some of her favorite thoughtful design elements or some particularly striking details on a bra.

I’ll share some more bits about my story in the coming months, but we also want to hear from you. What’s been challenging or frustrating or discouraging for you? How can we help you feel more comfortable in your skin? Is it nursing solutions, shapewear, finding a sexy bra when you’re a 28A (or a 52N), or the often elusive supportive sports bra? Stop in or drop us line, and let us help you!

(Also, full disclosure: that’s not really me in the photo. Remember those young kids I mentioned? My table is never clean enough to be in a photo the internet will see. The chocolate and coffee though? That's totally accurate.)