A Love Affair with Lacy Bras

13th Sep 2018

I learned a new word this month: Amourette, which means a brief love affair, an ephemeral fling. What does that have to do with bras?? Well! Glad you asked. 

Triumph makes a delightful bra we think you'll want to fall in love with. She's called Amourette, and she's a lacy little t-shirt bra and she's great for a full bust. Not for nothing is Amourette the best-selling Triumph bra. The wide underwire fits more comfortably, so your love affair doesn't have to be brief. You can wear her all day. 

The center panel of the bra has an arched underside, which makes it more comfortable for clients with a high tummy. The bra is in a plunge design, so it's great for low necklines. If your love affair with summer is fleeting, you might want to cling to this lacy little number on those last days you'll wear lightweight tops: the contour cups are lightly padded to mask most anything you'd like to mask and give you a smooth silhouette. 

We carry Amourette in Pigeon Blue, Orange Hint, and Black, so there's something fun for whatever you'd like to wear. She comes in band sizes 32-38 and cup sizes B through DD.

Amourette is our Bra of the Month for September, which means you automatically save 10% at checkout whether you're ordering online or shopping in person. Slip into Amourette today and let us know what you think!