Anita: The Boost Breastfeeding Mamas Need

23rd Aug 2018

August is World Breastfeeding Month. We celebrate this month by remembering our roots as a specialty shop catering to breastfeeding clients. We've always carried Pittsburgh's largest selection of nursing bras in the widest selection of sizes. This month, we're excited about one particular nursing bra.

The Anita Padded Underwire Nursing bra is an amazing option that fits C through G cups. This seamless bra has molded cups, which is great for coverage, since nursing nipples can have a mind of their own. It's a supportive and feminine bra made from a spacer fabric that holds its shape while maintaining a sleek silhouette--no bulk from this bra!

The double-sided, microfiber fabric is an ideal choice for wicking away moisture from leaks or perspiration. This Anita bra is breathable! It's got a lower neckline, so if you want to pair it with a V-neck or lower neckline, you're in business. We've all had our share of over-the-neckline nursing sessions, so we know how nursing moms often love a stretchy collar. 

Sarah M, one of our clients from Washington state, says this bra "fits like it was made for me," and we think you'll agree with her. For all these reasons, this Anita bra is our Bra of the Month for AugustOrder online or in person and save 10% at checkout automatically!