Bijou Flirt: A Jewel of Bra

19th Feb 2018

Bijou: a dainty, ornamental piece of delicate workmanship; a jewel; something delicate, elegant, or highly prized.  

It's February, and while we always want you to love yourself, this month we thought we'd show you a special gem you will love to slip on. February is the month of the amethyst, after all.

You see, we feel strongly that a great way to love yourself is to buy a bra that fits you well. Lucky for you, we've searched the globe to find great bras that also look fantastic. That's how we met Bijou Flirt

We first noticed the Flirt because she comes in our shade of purple--amethyst, even. We kept looking because she is a spectacular bra. We've always loved the Bijou plunge bra for elevating and encapsulating. The Flirt takes this a step further, adding fancy straps to the front and back of the cage bra. This is a plunge bra that doesn't push your breasts up. Because many of our customers don't need that.

These straps look sophisticated and sexy, but they also serve to give you a smooth, rounded shape. The cups are lightly padded and seamless with elastic at the top edge to hold you in place, whatever you might do while wearing your flirty bra.

We especially love the option to convert the bra into a racer back, because the stretchy, dual straps along the back look even more appealing in this formation. 

We're stocking the Flirt in purple, but we can also order her in black. So what are you waiting for? This shimmery jewel has your name all over it.