Boudoir Photos Boost Body Confidence

3rd Apr 2017

At Levana Bratique, we pride ourselves in finding products that are not only supportive but also beautiful. When a local customer, Sara Leitara, came in for a fitting and told us she wanted lingerie for boudoir shots, we were thrilled to help her out and learn about this empowering process!

Sara saw an advertisement online for a Valentine's Day special: hour-long boudoir sessions as a gift for partners. Sara found the concept intriguing. After seeing the ad, she started really thinking about how she viewed herself. Sara realized her self-confidence had taken a dive since gaining weight from the pregnancies of her 2 sons (aged 4.5 and 1.5). She also realized she had nothing sexy to wear in the pictures. She's still breastfeeding her toddler and says, "my breasts haven't been propped up by a fancy bra in 5 years. They were grazing the ground!"

Sara signed up for the boudoir shots to surprise her husband and headed to Levana Bratique for a fitting, something she'd been procrastinating for ages. The fitting was an emotional experience for Sara, who can't explain why she put it off, even after 2 breast cancer scares and a stern warning from the breast care center to buy a more supportive bra. She did attempt to get fitted at plus-size stores and department stores, but nobody had been able to measure her properly or point her toward a bra that fit. Sara walked in wearing a 44C with no underwire, a size she'd been wearing for a decade.

Judy fit Sara into 38G and gave her options for sexy bras like the Tulip Lace bra (pictured in black) and the Scarlet Bra, which Sara chose for her photo session. (Sara notes that the lacy bras aren't just sexy--they are comfortable enough to wear all the time. Just as comfortable as the wire-free bras she used to buy.)

After her fitting, Sara says, "I felt like I was in high school again. I had this aha! moment where I thought this is where my breasts are supposed to be. This is what I'm supposed to feel like." 

Because she no longer had a too-big band riding up, Sara's clothes fit better, she looked thinner because her breasts were higher, and in her sexy, lacy bras, she says, 

"I must have just forgotten what being a woman was like because I was in such a state of 'momhood' I forgot about myself and my own body."

Sara headed into her photo shoot feeling sexy and nervous, but her photographer helped her feel immediately comfortable and worked with Sara to emphasize parts of her body that she felt most confident about. While the session was an hour long, Sara says a big part of the experience was buying the sexy bras and choosing outfits (which she did surrounded by crying children).

As soon as she got the email that her proofs were ready, Sara couldn't wait to show her husband, who absolutely loved the images and the lingerie. She says, "He thought it was fabulous that I did that for him and he felt really special…but it was also a gift for me. The bras brought it to a whole new level and I'm just so comfortable."

A month after the experience, Sara says she's still riding high from the whole experience. Just the act of taking time to be a sexy partner, deliberately selecting outfits for sexy, tasteful images, and caring for herself by buying well-fitting bras helped her to feel like a more complete person. Sara, who works as a realtor here in Pittsburgh, says, "I feel like I can be a mom and a professional and a partner, like I have a complex and layered identity." She says feeling good in one facet of her life has spilled over into all the other areas, too.

And it was a good thing she had practiced feeling comfortable in front of the camera. This year, Sara was selected as one of the faces of Northwood Realty. She shot a television commercial for work, wearing her new bras, of course.

Are you looking for some sexy bras to reclaim that piece of your identity? We've got you covered, no matter what your cup size.  

All images courtesy of Angela Kenbok Photography