Bras for EVERY Body...We Really Mean It!

20th Jun 2016

Last week, we met Larae, who walked into our shop wearing a 40-O. This bra was much too small and was obviously uncomfortable for Larae, but it was the biggest she'd found in other stores.

Thankfully, Judy had something in stock to fit her properly: our Miekke bra in size 44Q. This ultra bra comes in both nursing and non-nursing styles. Larae didn't want to wait for us to order the non-nursing bra, she wanted to wear this one home. 

She was so pleased, she gave Judy a hug. This happens a lot, actually--we love hugs because we just love helping all women feel comfortable and supported. Doesn't Larae look fantastic?

This bra comes in nearly 100 sizes to accommodate a wide range of band and large cup sizes. If you thought you'd never find the right bra for your ultra-large breasts, come check it out. The most popular sizes we sell it in are 34V and 38T. That's right--V like violin and T like tremendous, because you'll feel like violins are playing in celebration of your tremendous body when you finally find a bra that works.