Break Up With Bad Bras

2nd Jul 2018

Let us know if this sounds familiar. You open your lingerie drawer in the morning and sigh. You pull out a bra with frayed fabric around the underwire. Another has saggy straps. Another has twisted, bent hooks on the clasp in the back. You pick the least-sad bra and put it on, wincing as it pinches around the band, but gaps in the cups. 

We know many of you are doing these things because you tell us so. Guess what? You don't have to live this way!

This month, we're celebrating Independence. Why not free yourself from these bad bras

Come into our bratique and let our bra whisperers show you how miraculous it can feel to slip into a bra that fits you properly. Miraculous is a strong word, but we don't use it lightly. You wear your bra for 12+ hours every day. It should feel comfortable. It should look good. And then, when its job is done, it should be put to pasture so another, stronger bra can step in and hold up your bust. 

Pull out all your droopy bra, the gray-tinged work horses, the sports bras who have long ago lost their ability to fight bounce. Then break up with them. Come see how our gorgeous selection looks good AND holds you in place. Come see how we have bras at every price point, for every letter of the alphabet

If you can't make it in person, our Virtual Bra FittingĀ® Bra Sizing Service offers the same personalized service to get your rack in shape.

What are you waiting for? Those fireworks you're hearing all night long? They're a summoning for you to look down at your bust and promise to free it from the tyranny of an old bra that doesn't fit well. Your bosom wants to stand proud, out of your armpits and lifted from your stomach. We're here to help. 

Photo: Aaron Jacobs/Flickr