Break up with your bad bras

4th Jul 2019

Happy 4th of July! As we celebrate our nation’s independence today, we’ve also been thinking of other things we should declare our independence from this month. 

Let’s start by giving our lingerie drawers the KonMari treatment, and break up with our bad bras. Ok, so maybe all of your bras don’t spark joy, but how do you really know when it’s no longer a good fit and time to move on

86954691-89cf0ffe69-z.jpgSo many things affect the size and shape of our breasts, and the amount of support we need. Our genes, hormones, pregnancy, nursing a baby, gaining weight, losing weight, menstruating, menopause, our age... the list goes on! Naturally, anything that affects the size and shape of our breasts will affect the way our bras fit. Which means a bra that fit you perfectly a few months or a year ago may be feeling a little too tight, loose, or unsupportive now.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the reasons you might want to let some of those bad bras go. What are some things that actually make a bra bad?

Stretched out- we know, we know, it’s your favorite. Maybe you’ve had it since college, or right after your first child. Maybe wearing it brings back some fond memories. Bras generally last for 100 wears of regular use, so if you’ve had it longer than that, put it on and take a long hard look in the mirror, with and without a shirt over top. If the band is so stretched out that it’s not still fitting snugly around your rib cage on the tightest clasp, it’s time to let it go. 

Straps dig in- in a properly fitted bra, the band does most of the work of supporting the bust. Straps that are too tight can not only cause skin irritation, they can also affect nerves and contribute to tension headaches. If you’re needing to pull your straps so tight that they are leaving red marks or divots in your shoulders, it’s not a good fit, and it’s time to kick that bra to the curb.

Uncomfortable- if you’re constantly adjusting it, if it’s pinching, if the underwire is digging in to your rib cage, or if you’re just always aware of it while you’re wearing it, it’s time to let it go.

Doesn’t give you the support you need - if it’s drooping, sagging, has large gaps between your breasts and the cups, or won’t stay secure around your rib cage on it’s tightest setting, it’s not pulling it’s weight, and it’s time to let that bra go!

How did you do? Most women are wearing the wrong bra size, so don’t be discouraged if your lingerie drawer is looking a little bare. Stop in to see us at Levana Bratique and let one of our Bra Whisperers measure you and help you choose some beautiful, supportive new options that will be sure to spark a little joy in your life!

Photo: Aaron Jacobs/ Flickr