Customer Service Makes Bra Shopping a Breeze

29th May 2018

In an age of instant everything, where we all walk around with computers in our pockets, we might not remember the value of boutique customer service. Levana Bratique is a small, cozy spot both in Pittsburgh and online, but our staff provides something you can't get from an app: personalized service

What does that mean for a bra shop? It means you can call Judy and tell her you've got a wedding coming up, and you can't wear your favorite black bra under your dress. Because she's The Bra Whisperer, she will remember which bra you're talking about, pull up your file, and tell you she can mail it to you in beige so it won't show beneath your fancy dress. This is my true story of how Judy saved the day!

But I promise--Judy and her staff are this awesome for all their clients. They remember which nursing tanks people have at home and send recommendations for similar bra tanks after weaning. They remember everyone's sizes and make suggestions when new styles come in stock. It's all written down in your customer file, but they also remember it from the last time you shopped there. 

You just can't put a value on being known like that. 

Thanks to excellent customer service, I was dancing the night away while my bust stayed put and my bra was invisible. That's no small feat for a 36G rack. If only shoe shopping were as simple...

What might you like to do? Tell Judy and she'll make sure your bra is part of the solution.

If you've got an event or wedding to attend this summer (and especially if you're the bride!), check out the Bridal offerings at Levana Bratique. If something doesn't work with your dress, I promise, Judy will improvise. At Levana Bratique, we make sure every bust looks its best. Every time.