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Levana Bratique

Diving Into the Shark Tank Bra

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"I saw this bra on Shark Tank and I want you to try it." When you work for a bra whisperer, you come to expect such text messages. And so I went to Levana Bratique, where Judy handed me a shiny, turquoise boob machine. 

First, some background information on me. I've been a competitive athlete my whole life, and Judy knows I've been cramming myself into two specific types of high performance sports bras that don't fit me properly. One of my go-to bras is very comfortable, but doesn't come in a size large enough for my 36G breasts, and so I wear it even though I'm squirting out the arm holes. I wear it for times when I'm going on a long walk with my 3 sons, moving directly to school pickup or aerobic activity like hauling around cases of diapers, screaming toddlers, or gallons of milk. I wear this bra because I bought it when I still fit inside and the company called it a 5-barbell bra, and I'm a creature of habit

The other bra I wear is very famous. It's even been on Oprah. It's got a bunch of hooks up the front and is not comfortable, but that's not the point. The point is to keep my bosom in place while I jump rope, swing kettlebells, or perform Olympic overhead lifts with a barbell. This sports bra comes in a variety of sizes that don't quite work if your bust is more than 6 inches bigger than your rib cage. As a 36G lady, my bust is more than 6 inches bigger than my rib cage, and yet I cram into this bra because...well, I don't have a very good reason! 

Judy knows this about me, that I am attached to my sports bras that don't fit, and so she gave me a She Fit bra, the Ultimate Sports Bra, and asked me to go jump rope and swing some weights around while wearing it. 

Here's what happened. It takes a bit of time to get used to putting it on. This is because the sizing is totally customizable. You can customize the band AND the straps. There are not many sports bras out there for big-busted ladies with adjustable straps. Not only can you customize the length, you can decide if you want traditional or racerback straps. I find racerback bras to be more supportive, so that's how I wore it for both workouts. 

The first day I wore it, I put it on really tight. With other sports bras, I've needed them to be tight in order to keep my bust in place, so I wore the SheFit uncomfortably tight assuming that was necessary. I jumped rope. I did mountain climbers. I swung kettlebells. The fat on my back jiggled, but anything inside the SheFit sat perfectly still. Nothing moved in there. Except my sweat. 

The second day I wore it, I decided to loosen it up a bit and see what happened. What happened was the bra felt more comfortable and my bust still did not move! To be fair and honest, I was not jumping rope the second day, but i was still swinging weights around and I even jogged a bit and nothing moved except my sweat and back fat. 

So what do I think? I think this is the best performance sports bra I've tried. It keeps my bust still while I do high intensity workouts. It's fully customizable. It's got little flaps to cover the zipper so it doesn't dig into my sensitive skin. This bra is a pretty intense garment. 

But it's got an open back, so it's definitely not as sweaty as other sports bras. Theoretically, you can hook it in the front and unzipper it for ventilation while you work out, but I did not try this. I wasn't that sweaty.

This is not the bra you'll wear for your morning workout and then keep it on for six more hours while you go grocery shopping and collect kids from daycare. That's gross anyway, right? This is a bra you'll wear for your workout if you want your chest to stay in place. This is a bra you should try if you've got a short torso and found other high intensity sports bras didn't fit properly. 

This is the bra you should try if you've got huge boobs and a small rib cage

If you've reached a point in life where you're doubling up the sports bras you buy at box stores, trying to get more support, then you need to try the She Fit bra.

And why not try it? This is our bra of the month, which means it's 10% off in March, 2017! This discount will automatically be applied at checkout, whether online or in store. Seems like a good opportunity to dive in. 

Have you tried the Shark Tank bra? Leave us a comment to share your experience. 

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