Festivities Around the World

29th Nov 2018

Here in Pittsburgh, we have a lovely display that's free to the public, called Spirits of Giving From Around the World. My family loves to go learn about holiday celebrations from China and Poland, Norway and Haiti...so many great cultures celebrating giving!

There are a lot of holidays happening in December. We love learning about cultures different from our own. We get to do this a lot when we're combing the globe in search of the best bras for all of you. 

We probably spend the most time talking with our Polish friends at Ewa Michalak. Isn't their CanCan bra perfect for festivities? As we learned downtown, Poland celebrates the arrival of Star Man on Christmas Eve--he brings small gifts (like new bras??) and cookies. 

Levana Bratique sells a lot of Freya lingerie, too, because their bras have fantastic fit and tremendous lift. We can just see our friends in Great Britain slipping into a Freya Fancies Underwire Plunge Bra while they wait for Father Christmas to bring the Yule Log. 

The folks at Triumph Lingerie began their work as a corset factory in Germany. They now make beautiful bras like this Dream Spotlight push-up. Germans celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 5--that's coming up fast!

Our Huit Lingerie products are, of course, French--and the French holiday tradition is always fascinating to our families. There, Pere Noel brings gifts to place in the wooden shoes of good boys and girls...but Pere Fouchette leaves sticks for those who are bad! Which would you receive if you slipped into the Grand Jeu padded cup bra

Timpa Lingerie has its roots in The Netherlands, where children put out carrots and hay for St. Nicholas and his horse. He leaves them clever riddles, small gifts, and cookies in return. We love Timpa's Duet Lace Demi Bra for festive occasions, like St. Nicholas Day!

How do you celebrate giving in your culture? Leave a comment to tell us about it!