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Find the Right Bra and Help Minimize Back Fat

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Everyone complains to us about back fat. All of our customers, even one of our employees with a 28 band size. We all have it, even if what we're really describing is "just" excess skin that gets reshaped by our bra. We've got a photo hanging around the Bratique showing a lingerie model with back fat--even a woman who models bras for a living will have some lumps and bumps when the pictures aren't airbrushed. 

We are here to tell you that it's more important for your bra to fit you properly than it is to get rid of back fat. Bras that claim to get rid of back fat? They're often too loose and they ride up your back, which causes your bust to droop lower. So you're really just trading a bulge of back skin for a sagging rack.

We are celebrating all bodies this month, which is why our founder and resident Bra Whisperer Judy is modeling bras for us. In the top photograph, you can see that Judy has some back fat because she's a real person and we haven't edited these images. 

Judy knows that to properly elevate her 34L bosom, she needs a snug band. That means it's going to create a little bit of indent with the skin on her back. The good news is that this indenting and bulging isn't really visible once Judy puts on her favorite shirt. A well-fitted shirt won't highlight this feature. Look how flattering that shirt is on Judy! 

 Because we know that back fat is an issue that concerns our clients, we do want to offer a few tips to help minimize it. One trick is to wear your band lower in the back than in the front. You'll actually need to tighten the band to get it to stay that way, but wearing it lower and having it stay in place will minimize back fat. 

This might seem counter-intuitive--wouldn't tightening the band just make more back fat? Judy assures us that when the band rides up (because it's too loose), it brings your back flesh along with it, causing more back fat to stick out. 

Finding a snug enough band that stays put while the cups support your bust is an art. If you need help finding the bra that works best with your body, come on in and visit us! If you're not local, we offer a Virtual Bra FittingĀ® Bra Sizing Service to help you no matter where you are in the world. Some of our bras come in 140 sizes, so we know we will find the right band for your back. 

Our next tip is more of a reminder: your back fat isn't as bad as you think. When you turn your head to see yourself in the mirror, you're twisting your body and making your skin fold as you turn. It sticks out more than it otherwise would when you're twisted around this way. Also - your back fat isn't as bad as you think. Standing straight, you can't see your own back fat, but we promise. There's less of it visible than when you're moving around to sneak a peek. 

Is there something about your body that's making you uncomfortable in your bra? Let us know. We'd love to help you problem solve and find the bra that best supports your body.

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