Hot tips to stay cool this summer

2nd May 2019

With summer right around the corner, we've gathered a few tips to support you staying cool and fresh as the days grow warmer.

Think green. Surrounding your indoor space with houseplants can improve your mood, purify the air, and -because they release moisture into the air- they can also make a room feel cooler. Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents are extremely low maintenance but still provide all of the great benefits of other houseplants.

Stay hydrated. Being dehydrated is a sure way to overheat in the summer, so get in extra water whenever you can. If you find plain water a little uninspiring, the cooking channel has this great list of DIY summer drinks to help you find your signature summer refresher. Using frozen strawberries in place of ice cubes or tossing in a few slices of cucumber are two more quick and easy ways to liven up plain water. Watermelon, cantaloupes, and cucumbers also contain lots of water, need little prep, require no cooking, and are perfect for summer snacking!

Be mindful. While summer conjures images of lazy days relaxing by the pool, many of us find our schedules just as busy as ever, but with heat and humidity added. Taking a moment to slow down and practice mindfulness or gratitude can help counter the effects of heat and stress. Meditation has been shown to help control your body temperature, so a little mindfulness practice may help to cool you down on a hot day. Pranayama are specific cooling breathing exercises practiced in yoga if meditation isn’t your thing.

Dress the part. For the fashionistas out there, some of 2019’s hottest trends are designed to help you stay cool. This year sheer, crochet, off the shoulder, plunging necklines, lace, and netting are all in. All of those looks give the perfect opportunity to show off one of our cool bralettes for the perfect casual chic summer vibe!

What are some of your favorite ways to stay cool in the summer?