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Increase Heart Health and Move Your Body

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Did you know that every 80 seconds, a woman in America dies of heart disease? Or that 80% of heart disease and stroke events could be prevented by lifestyle changes? When we talk about supporting women to live their best lives, we are talking about supporting them through some of these lifestyle changes. We want you to be able to move your body and help change that first statistic!

The American Heart Association has wonderful suggestions for ways to move your body to boost your healthy heart. We know it's just not possible for most of us to find time for a 30-minute brisk walk. It just doesn't work that way! But there are still ways to include movement into your busy day. One of the ideas we loved was pacing while talking on the phone--you'd be surprised how many steps you can rack up wandering around chatting or closing deals. 

We also like the suggestion of walking a lap around the perimeter of your children's school after drop off and maybe once before pickup, too!

Setting a reminder to get up once an hour can be helpful--a trip to get a drink and use the restroom and maybe add a lap around the building and suddenly you're adding 200 steps an hour. That's 1,600 steps over the course of your work day--more than a half mile!

We've worked with moms for over a decade now and we know (we know!) how women tend to put themselves last. Hopefully this reminder will be the boost you need to get up and move your body this week. Because one of the biggest changes you can do to fit in some movement is to claim the time to do it

We hear women refer to workout time as time "stolen" from their children or else time traded from other household tasks. Starting small with a ten-minute walk up and down your street is not time stolen. It's the beginning of time claimed for you and for your health. 

Maybe next week you'll claim 15 minutes a few times a week...and so on until you've got yourself power walking around the block for a half hour at a time. Whatever you do, start somewhere. Move your body and boost your healthy heart. You're worth it!

While you're moving your body, we want to help you make sure you're properly supporting your bust for whatever level of activity you've made time to complete. Maybe a regular underwire bra is a fine choice if you're adding in some cell-phone-walk-and-talk time, but once you get to power walking with hills for a half hour, you'll want to consider a bra that can support your bust and wick your sweat. No matter what your size, we've got a sports bra to help you do that! We've even got a swim bra to help you transform your regular swimsuit to be more supportive if you're adding in some laps!

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