Love and Light to You!

5th Dec 2018

It's Hanukkah this week! Here in Pittsburgh, we are really trying to rally around our Jewish community in the aftermath of the Tree of Life tragedy. It's been so wonderful to see so many opportunities to learn from and celebrate with our Jewish neighbors. From lighting the Menorah outside the synagogue to inter-faith musical performances, we've had lots of opportunities. 

According to Kveller, Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it was destroyed. It's a holiday celebrating liberation from oppression, reminding people of the importance of religious freedom. These themes are important to us as we look to help build a welcoming and more inclusive world.

How wonderful to help make this sector of our community feel visible and seen and embraced. We aren't saying no to the fried foods, either. Yum!

As a retail business, of course, we are jazzed about the tradition of giving one small gift each night of Hanukkah. What's smaller than an amazing new bra? Not much, that's what. We'd like to recommend a few goodies that pair nicely with a sparkly, light-filled celebration. 

SAXX underwear are described as life-changing. Each pair features a Ball Park Pouch™--a hammock-shaped pouch to keep everything in place, contact-free, and sans chafing. Flat Out Seams™mean no raised thread against this sensitive area of the body! We've got tons of fun patterns and colors. 

Rhinestone bra straps can jazz up and bra or strapless dress. These sparkly beauties clip right on and will look amazing in the candlelight. 

This Envy Balconnet Bra by Panache comes in the most beautiful blue you ever did see. Perfect for the holiday! The floral lace offers lift and shape, with side support panels to bring breasts front and center. As the bra gets larger, added features like additional hooks and plush-lined straps mean this bra is comfortable for ALL bodies. 

Looking for a book to read about this holiday? We love Simon and the Bear by Eric A. Kimmel. It's a lovely story of love, miracles, and surprising friendships. 

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to talk about and celebrate Hanukkah in your community. Leave us a comment to share your favorite Hanukkah traditions!

Main Photo: slgc/flickr