Now Taking Appointments!

26th Sep 2018

Did you know September was self-improvement month? We've been talking about that a lot over here at Levana Bratique. There's lots of articles online about things you can do for self improvement. Yoga. Meditation. Self-defense classes. Dental checkups. 

Most of the things on these lists can be made easier if you're wearing underthings that fit. Think about it! How much higher could you kick at self-defense class if you had a proper sports bra? 

We know there are lots of reasons people don't make it in for a fitting with us. One of our own attempts to improve our business this month has been to answer a need we hear from our clients: you want to be able to make appointments. 

We get it--we are all busy women here. In fact, each of us is a working mom. So we get it! Starting this month, you can make an appointment for a fitting with us. You don't have to make an appointment. We still take walk-ins! But guests with an appointment will be given priority.

You can call in to make an appointment or else click right here to book online. Our system will even send you reminders 72 hours in advance via email and then 24 hours prior via email and text!

We want to note that an appointment does not guarantee you will be in the bratique alone. We might have more than one person getting fitted. But maybe an appointment is what you need to finally get on in here. We can't wait to hear about how much a properly-fitting bra improves your life. 

Not local to Pittsburgh? No problem! We can use our Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing Service to take care of you via email.