Our Five Favorite Nursing Bras

29th Aug 2018

A stranger on the Internet once told my friend she had "saggy flapjack knockers." After years of nursing her children, wearing saggy old nursing bras, she felt this observation was accurate. But it doesn't have to be! Our bratique carries Pittsburgh's widest selection of nursing bras in the biggest range of sizes. If you live elsewhere, you're in luck--you can order these amazing bras online and hoist your working breasts back up where they belong. Here, we highlight our 5 favorites.

Up first, we've got Eleanor. This Panache nursing bra is designed for larger cup sizes and comes with a spacer, so it lays nicely on most body types. Available in cup sizes D through K with bands from 28-38, Eleanor can hoist a heavy load. We like the seamless design because it hides nipples (and leakage) and offers a smooth silhouette. Eleanor even has a touch of lace to add some feminine flair near the nursing opening. 

Then we've got our Dynashape Intima flexible sizing nursing bra. Customers always raise an eyebrow at us when we suggest a Dynashape product, because they don't look like they're going to do the heavy lifting required to keep a nursing bust in place. But we promise--it's a great bra. This one comes in 2 sizes (S/M or L/XL) and we fit women from 32-42 band size with cups ranging from B-G. We also love this brand's nursing camis, so if you come in, we will likely encourage you to try those, too! What's great about the flex sizing is that in the beginning, breast size fluctuates so much as the milk supply levels out. This bra can handle the shifts. This bra is fantastic for pregnancy as well, when bodies are changing rapidly but still need support. 

You've probably heard us gush about Biscuit before. This bra is sexy, supportive, and super versatile. We carry it in 100+ sizes. We like to say Biscuit reminds our customers of their identity outside of nursing. Biscuit comes with side support, so it will scoop the bust front and center. Try one on and be amazed by the power of its lift and separation! Lots of you tell us you want to keep your Biscuit even after you wean. Ewa Michalak heard you, and offers it in a regular bra, too!

Who doesn't love cake? Cake Lingerie is known for two things: beautiful bras and supportive bras. The best part? They are all the same at Cake. Our Croissant nursing bra is made from a super stretchy fabric that flexes to accommodate those size changes we talked about earlier. Croissant fits bands sized 32-42 and cups from C through K. Croissant has a flexible underwire that won't compress your milk ducts, so let it lift your bust high with style!  My 4th best seller is the Cake Croissant bra:

Another favorite of ours is the Bella Materna Sexy T-Shirt Bra. This one doesn't look like your typical t-shirt bra, or your typical nursing bra! We think it's subtle and beautiful and surprisingly supportive. The flexible wire is great for nursing breasts, because, again, it won't compress the milk ducts. The lightly lined cups will mask anything you'd like to mask under a light t-shirt. 

Those are the nursing bras we sell the most, but that doesn't mean we don't also love the rest of our selection. Come on down and try on one of our many styles. Not local? No worries. Check out our Virtual Bra FittingĀ® Bra Sizing Service. Our bra whisperers will find you something that fits well, feels fabulous, and looks lovely. No need for anything to flap, sag, or droop while you're nursing!