Peace, Salaam, Shalom

31st Oct 2018

It's a tough week to be in Pittsburgh. It's tough when something violent and hateful has torn apart our neighborhood. Our children sing a version of this song, "Peace, Salaam, Shalom," a song about peace and unity. Well, what does that look like in everyday life? How can each of us work for peace in our individual businesses? Someone has to sell the bras, right? Does that count? We think yes.

Levana Bratique and its founder Judy Masucci have built a business based on compassion and care--our roots grow from wanting to support nursing mothers who had no options to find well-fitting garments elsewhere. We strive to help all our clients find the very best products to help them live their very best lives.

Does that seem frivolous? Anyone who wears a bra, who has had difficulty finding one that fits properly, can attest that these tools don't just change a silhouette. Our Bratique changes lives, and that's because its mission is one of inclusion. Our products are for every body. 

I'm not just tooting our horn because I work here. I first met Judy because she donated space in her shop to mothers who needed support after surgical birth. Levana Bratique hosts anesthesiologists who talk to women about their options. She invites political candidates to speak about how they can elicit change to support all people. Judy brings in swimsuit designers who make products that help mothers confidently join their kids in the ocean, fully supported and unconcerned that anything will fall out when the waves crash. 

In the wake of a tragedy, we find comfort in people and organizations that lift up their community. We'd like to share a testimonial from a client who visited us earlier this year. Before coming to us, she felt self conscious and had low self esteem regarding her looks. She says, "The one thing I absolutely hate is bra shopping. Because I’m big chested and I’m also a plus size girl it just never works out. So all my teenage, adult years I’ve had to shop at women’s stores because of this reason. Never got to experience what it’s like to wear what’s 'in.' As I got older I said...I’m me this is me, if you don’t like it, oh well. Still bra shopping is the worst...

That is until today... Levana Bratique will change your life and educate you! Your life will change, seriously, trust me if you’re plus/big chested like more than a D, DDD more than G this place carries allllll letters...And they help any size. I’m stressing and repeating myself because my life changed today and my confidence boosted."

That's why we are here. To make this difference, to show each client what kind and compassionate service looks like.

Come join us at Levana Bratique. Come enjoy the privacy and confidentiality of our personalized service that embraces every body in every size. We are here for you. All of you. We will celebrate your pregnancy, support your changing body, and help you figure out what comes after weaning. 

We will find the right base layer for your wedding gown and, if necessary, find the right thing that you can wear for 12 hours to a visitation and a memorial service. Levana comes from the Latin levare, to lift. We offer lift and support to every client. Every day.