Shake Your Booty, Not Your Bosom

23rd Jan 2018

We talk a lot about sports bras around here. Our smaller-busted customers don't have as much trouble finding a sturdy sports bra at just about any old store (but as you'll see - even our smaller ladies need the support of a good sports bra....). Our larger-busted gals, though. They can't just pop into a box store and leave with an adequate boulder holder. 

Big name athletic apparel companies sometimes brag that they've got bras for all bodies...up to an E cup. If you're shopping with Levana Bratique, chances are high you passed E cup a few decades ago. 

So what have we got for you that's so special? Why should you shell out more than $20 for one of our sports bras when you could buy two at a box store and just double up? Let us tell you!

Let's begin by talking about the primary job of a sports bra: minimizing bounce to protect breast tissue. You can climb into a pretty deep Internet wormhole about this topic if you'd like. We love this Daily Mail article that summarizes what's going on when you work out without adequate support. Did you know you have special ligaments connecting your breast tissue to your body? They are called Cooper's Ligaments and, like any other ligament in your knees or hips, you can strain, sprain, or tear them. 

The Daily Mail explains that, "Running without any bra at all causes the average woman's breasts to move up and down by 8.5cm. Wearing an ordinary bra reduces this by 32 per cent. A sports bra reduces this by at least another 20 per cent. A survey from Herriot-Watt University last year showed that even breasts sized 34A need extra support during sport." (Emphasis ours)

A good sports bra minimizes bounce either through encapsulation, compression, or both. Lucky for you, we sell four sports bras offering some combination of these features! All of our "regular" sports bras offer both encapsulation and compression. Our nursing sports bra is a compression bra to offer support to our nursing moms. 

As with all bras, the primary support from a sports bra comes from the band. We like a snug, wide band for our sports bras. Once the band of your sports bra begins to sag or lose its elasticity, it's time to refresh. The band is helping keep your Cooper's Ligaments in tact!

Judy, our bra whisperer, has Strong Feelings about sports bra straps. Not all bodies are the same height and width! But all bodies need protection during a workout. All of our "regular" sports bras feature both adjustable bands and straps for a custom fit. They can also all adjust to a traditional or racerback structure for more options and more support. If your sports bra straps are rolling or sliding off your shoulders, you need a new size or a new style!

Some women are most comfortable in an underwire sports bra. We offer two styles of sports bra with this option. Sports bra underwire should be flexible, should lay flat against your rib cage below your breast tissue, and should never poke or pinch. 

Finally, sports bras should be made from wicking material to move moisture away from your skin. We have found that really heavy-duty sports bras get less effective at moisture wicking as their fabric and construction are sturdier. We love that the Ultimate Sports Bra offers ventilation options (like the front zipper) to help off-set its thick fabric. Our other sports bras are all constructed with mesh or nylon fabric to keep you cool while you heat up. 

Between our 3 regular styles and our nursing sports bra, we are pretty confident we've got something for every woman to keep you safe during a workout. So before you hit the treadmill this season, come on by Levana Bratique and let us fit you into the perfect option to minimize your bouncing breasts while you move your way to a healthier heart!

Not local to Pittsburgh? No problem! Check out our Virtual Bra FittingĀ® Bra Sizing Service!