Sturdy Support for Sporty Ladies

23rd May 2016

Many women can just walk into a box store and buy a sports bra off the rack. They just pick up a stretchy bra and slide into it and run hundreds of miles without thinking twice. Lots of our customers are unable to do this. Lots of our customers have tried tricks like wearing two box store sports bras, only to wind up with something that sort of works for a few workouts but isn't a long-term solution. 

If you're a busty woman looking to move your body, we are here to help. You do not need to worry about trying inversions at yoga class for fear your breasts will smother you. We have several bras that will hold your bust in place, all the way up to an M cup.

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra

This bra doesn't look like a sports bra. This one isn't going to look elegant, but it's going to keep your breasts firmly in place while you exercise. This bra features seamed cups, which we've raved about for their ability to conform to your breast and keep the bust elevated and separated. 

It wicks moisture, has breathable mesh panels, and has an underwire. Many women cringe at the thought of underwire during a workout, but if you're looking for a bra that comes up to an M cup, chances are you really need an underwire to support you during your workout. 

One exciting feature of this bra is its conversion feature--with one click, you can turn it into a racer back and immediately feel even more lift. 

If you're a large-breasted runner or regularly do high-impact moves involving jumping, this bra is for you.

Freya Molded Sports Bra

 Our Freya option looks much more like a sports bra you'd be used to seeing. I'm currently an H-cup and I felt this bra offered slightly less support than the Elomi--so maybe not a perfect choice if you're a runner or plan to do jumping jacks, but definitely supportive for weightlifting, yoga.

This bra has molded cups, for a smooth look under tech shirts or light tanks, and is made from a wicking material designed to keep you dry during a workout. This bra has lots of keep-you-cool features like support panels to release heat during your workout. The bra features an underwire as well, to offer even more lift and support.

The Freya Active bra converts to a racer back, which, again, gives the immediate effect of more support and a snugger fit if you need it.