Supporting Your Stress Free Summer

2nd Apr 2018

Mother Nature is playing April Fool's pranks on us here on the East Coast, but we're still dreaming of summer. What do you do to de-stress in the warmer months? Our staff loves to enjoy the outdoors, whether that means hiking to high peaks or sipping fruity drinks under the stars. However you decompress, we've got a base layer to support you doing that comfortably

This Strappy Back Bralette (main picture), for starters, is a hot choice with our younger clientele. The model in the picture seems to have worn hers to ascend the Andes. We aren't going to promise this bra is the best choice for vigorous activity, but it's a beautiful accessory for you to let show all summer long. With removable pads for coverage or boosted cleavage, this sweet, comfortable bralette looks great with your lacy tops, low-back tanks, and anything else you'd like to rock this summer. 

Does your city have exciting yoga options in the warmer months? We've got opportunities to stretch and breathe in our parks, and sometimes they even close the streets to traffic for people to do tree pose. Yoga is, of course, more relaxing if you've got the right bra for your practice, and we're pumped about this new yoga bra from Freya. It goes on easily over the head, but still has hooks to optimize the band fit. This yoga bra is soft, comfortable, and the color is delightful for downward dog!

We don't know about you, but one thing we find stressful during summer is sweat. Boob sweat. Some of our favorite bras for winter just don't breathe well enough for steamy summer weather. We are digging this Fantasie Fusion bra because it's light and airy. We've got her in stock in white, but can special order black and nude, too. We love this bra because it's supportive, but it breathes and the simple detailing makes it perfect even for light cotton t-shirts. 

How do you like to unwind in the summer? Leave us a comment to let us know--we bet we've got a bra for that!