Break Up With Bad Bras

2nd Jul 2018

Let us know if this sounds familiar. You open your lingerie drawer in the morning and sigh. You pull out a bra with frayed fabric around the underwire. Another has saggy straps. Another has twisted, b … read more

Customer Service Makes Bra Shopping a Breeze

29th May 2018

In an age of instant everything, where we all walk around with computers in our pockets, we might not remember the value of boutique customer service. Levana Bratique is a small, cozy spot both in Pit … read more

Think You Know Your Size?

19th Mar 2018

You've probably all watched Oprah talk about how women wear the wrong bra size. If you've been following us for any amount of time, you've heard us say that a proper fitting can be life changing. You … read more

Transform with Levana

25th Sep 2017

We've been talking about self care all month because, as women, we have an awful tendency to put ourselves last. Self care can take many different forms, whether that means moving your body to in … read more

Back to School Shopping? Don't Forget New Bras!

28th Aug 2017

"Back to School" time has always been such a touchpoint in my year. I was a student for most of my life so far, and then I was teaching college classes, so the rhythm of my year has always focused aro … read more