Top five first bras for young girls

12th Feb 2019

Top 5 first bras for young girls 

Do you remember your first bra? I remember my mom taking me to the pediatrician for my annual check up, and when I lifted up my shirt for the doctor to listen to my chest and lungs, she took one look at my budding breasts and said to my mom, “she needs a bra.” I turned bright red, and when I looked at my mom, she was too. I think we were equally surprised by what seemed to be an overnight sprouting of my bust.

The next afternoon, my mom walked by my room and tossed me a thick, white, elastic granny bra. There was no measuring beforehand, and no tips or tutorial for how to put it on or adjust it. I eventually made sense of all the straps and hooks, and spent the next few years assuming bras were meant to be utilitarian, ugly and uncomfortable, because that one sure was. Thank goodness I was wrong!

Here at Levana Bratique, we know what a difference a well fitting bra makes. Especially a first bra. It’s kind of a right of passage- one of the many markers of passing from childhood to adolescence- and we believe it’s something that should be celebrated!

If you have a teen or tween looking to get started with their first bra (or maybe has already had their first bra, but has never been properly measured), we’d love to fit them here in our Bratique.

We’ve spent countless hours researching and sampling to curate a collection of bras that fit all shapes, styles, and needs. Here are the top five bras that are favorites of our younger customers (oh, how I would have loved to have any one of these be my introduction to bras):

1- The Cabana Cotton Bralette is a great starter bra for young girls. This Pima Cotton bra is soft, comfortable and supportive, and has a pocket for a removable pad to hide nipples and give a little extra shape. We’ve fit clients up to 30D in this bra!

2- The Hug Strappy Back Bralette was designed by a mom for her daughter, and is a great way to teach young girls how to wear a properly fitting bra while giving them something fun to wear. This ultra soft microfiber bralette combines fashion and function to provide full coverage for A and B cups, and a supportive halter for C-DDD cups.

3- The Endearing Lace Wirefree Bra is perfect for petite frames. This cute and comfortable wire-free bra has lightly lined cups to shape and sculpt the bust while giving a smooth silhouette. Available in band size 32-40, and cup size A-B.

4- The Forever Perfect T Shirt Bra is a perfect t-shirt bra for girls who are a B cup or larger. The lightly padded underwire cups give shape and support, while a J-hook lets this bra convert to a racerback for instant styling versatility. This one also comes in many pretty colors, in band size 30-38, and cup size B-G!

5- The Endearing Lace Petite Push Up Bra has shimmery stretch adjustable straps and sweet lace trim that is great for giving a feminine feel for young ladies. This versatile pick has padded push up cups, and is another great option for petite frames. Available in band size 32-36, and cup size A-B.

We specialize in finding the right bra for everybody here at Levana Bratique! Come meet our bra whisperers and see and feel the difference the properly fitting bra can make.

Not local to Pittsburgh? No worries! Check out our Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing Service to get the same great results over email!