What to Do If Your Bra Starts Sagging

30th Apr 2018

I was listening to a podcast last week and the host talked about how she's had the same sports bra since high school. That's just about 20 years, folks. She described it as being a workhorse. We keep imagining how that horse has long since passed it's time to go to pasture. 

We know how it feels to finally find a bra you love. It slips on like a second skin. Once you find one that fits you properly, you never want to take it off or ever wear a different bra. 

The problem is, even our high-quality merchandise has a shelf life. After months of hard wear, your bra will start to lose some of the snap in its elastic. The band will begin to sag a bit. The eye hooks might start to bend or contort. These are all signs that you need to replace your beloved bra

Never fear, though. Once you shop with Levana Bratique, this replacement process can be a breeze. The benefit of deeply personal customer service is that we remember you as a person! Chances are, Judy our Bra Whisperer doesn't even have to search her database. She has an uncanny knack for remembering which bras everyone has, and what size. But just in case, she's got all this info for you handy in her software. 

If you need a new Matilda, we can get it to you pronto...and let you know if there are new colors available (she comes in pink now!! It's so exciting). 

To recap, some major signs that you need a new bra include: 

1. It's more than a year old and you've been wearing it regularly. 

2. Saggy band. Always remember: the band provides 90% of the support of a bra. 

3. Slipping straps that won't stay put any longer

4. This should be obvious, but if your underwire is poking out or the bra is ripped, your bra has expired.

5. The cups have begun to gap or bulge.

This spring, when you're tossing out old magazines and scouring your baseboards, take a look in your lingerie drawer. If your Biscuit bra has gone bad, give us a call. We'll put a little spring back into your bra and you'll feel so much better!