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Levana Bratique

What's Your Fitness Goal?

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Like many young people, I played sports all through high school and even into college. My sport of choice (rugby) has an established adult league, too, but I'm not in a position to play a full-contact sport anymore. So I've had to look elsewhere for fitness goals

Last year I focused on getting back into activity, so I bought a FitBit and really focused on just meeting step goals every day. I started walking to and from my errands and parking further away in order to help. I needed all those little tricks to get me up and moving, since when I'm working I'm sitting at a desk all day

This year, I'm really focusing on adding strength training to my workout routines. I love High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. I can do a 20-minute workout of intense bursts of activity and feel done for the day. I like using kettlebells for my HIIT workouts, but you can make any activity into a HIIT workout. This article talks about ways you can adjust your running or cycling workouts, even a lap swim to boost "cardiorespiratory fitness, improve insulin sensitivity and produce that afterburn effect where your body keeps burning calories for hours after you wrap up."

Of course, finding time to shower and change adds a whole additional layer to my workout challenges. 

At least I've got my workout gear figured out. Personally, I go bargain shopping for my workout clothes, but because I have a large bust I know I need to find a good fitting, high-performance sports bra. I also try to visit a boutique athletic shoe store to get properly fitted for workout shoes. (Luckily, we can help you either in person or virtually if you're looking for a good sports bra. Our Virtual Bra FittingĀ® Bra Sizing Service is great for sports bras, too!)

For now, my fitness goal is to complete 3, 20-minute HIIT workouts each week. What about you--what are your fitness goals this spring? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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