You Need-a Anita

16th Jan 2019

We're talking a lot about sports bras this month. Why? Because all of us need constant reminders. I, blog writer for a bra store, have been hoarding an old sports bra since college. Why am I doing that? I graduated from college in 2003. The other day, I picked up the bra to wear for snow shoveling, and part of it fell off in my hand. It was crusted over with white salty stuff. I mean...that's so gross. 

I'm not the only person with that sort of thing in my bra drawer! This is why you need Anita

Anita loves shoveling snow, jumping jacks, chasing children...she loves all that stuff. Unlike the sausage-boob options you find at box stores, Anita offers encapsulation to separate your breasts. She's wirefree, and ventilated, to let out the steam you generate working that body of yours. 

Anita is lightly padded with light foam and mesh to keep you cool, and has a terry-lined band that won't rub or chafe. Unique to Anita, this soft lining extends to the inner sides and back of the bra and moves with you. We think the runners among us will appreciate the lack of red marks as you hit the big mileage. 

Anita is serious about reducing chafe and reducing bounce. The company estimates Anita reduces bounce by 78%. That's pretty significant, especially for those among us who sometimes have to wear double sports bras if we can't find one that keeps our bosom in place. 

Levana Bratique is pretty committed to carrying sports bras with adjustable straps, because we know that all bodies are unique. Anita will not disappoint. We're pretty excited about the non-roll, adjustable straps. For all these reasons and more, Anita is our Bra of the Month for January

So what are you waiting for? Go throw out that moldy old sports bra you've been clinging to for some reason, and grab yourself an Anita instead. Let us know how much you love her!