A little introduction

5th Feb 2019

I’m Levana Bratique's new blogger, and I clearly have some big shoes to fill. But oh my gosh, am I excited to get started!A bit about me: I’m the mom of a 5 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. I’m … read more

5 Favorite Reasons Levana Bratique Rocks

31st Jan 2019

I began blogging for Judy the Bra Whisperer 8 years ago. Isn't that amazing? I met Judy while I was pregnant with my second child, who is now in first grade. I have watched as she grew and transformed … read more

CB What Now?

22nd Jan 2019

Unless you actively avoid reading or watching the news, you've probably heard a lot of whisperings about CBD oil. Often this comes along with discussions of the legalization of medical marijuana, whic … read more

You Need-a Anita

16th Jan 2019

We're talking a lot about sports bras this month. Why? Because all of us need constant reminders. I, blog writer for a bra store, have been hoarding an old sports bra since college. Why am I doing tha … read more

Our 5 Favorite Lacy Bras for ALL Bodies

2nd Jan 2019

We love lacy bras. We think they're sexy and beautiful, and we love searching the globe to find options that work for all bust sizes. Because everyone deserves options! And we don't want anyone to sac … read more