Love and Light to You!

5th Dec 2018

It's Hanukkah this week! Here in Pittsburgh, we are really trying to rally around our Jewish community in the aftermath of the Tree of Life tragedy. It's been so wonderful to see so many opportun … read more

Festivities Around the World

29th Nov 2018

Here in Pittsburgh, we have a lovely display that's free to the public, called Spirits of Giving From Around the World. My family loves to go learn about holiday celebrations from China and Polan … read more

Please Don't Bust Our Door on Friday

21st Nov 2018

We aren't having door-buster sales. We aren't hiring extra security or renting fencing for crowd control on Friday. We'll be playing board games with our kids and eating leftovers!But come Saturday mo … read more

Our 5 Favorite Lacy Bras for ALL Bodies

14th Nov 2018

We love lacy bras. We think they're sexy and beautiful, and we love searching the globe to find options that work for all bust sizes. Because everyone deserves options! And we don't want anyone to sac … read more

Autumnal Elegance with Anushka

8th Nov 2018

Dark jewel tones. Elegant lace. Elomi knows just what we need as the days grow darker and the weather turns colder. Anushka is the ideal bra for this season of transition. She feels so luxur … read more