Underwear as Outerwear: a fashion (r)evolution

19th Mar 2019

We’ve seen a brief history of the evolution of undergarments, but how did we go from the buttoned-up era where a woman showing her ankles was scandalous, to the fashion of today where showing off a cu … read more

Top 5 Best Bras for Wedding, Prom, and Strapless Gowns

12th Mar 2019

Spring is in the air in Pittsburgh! As we start to think about warmer weather, sunshine, and strapless gowns, many people have strong feelings about strapless bras. Perhaps you’ve had an experience in … read more

From corsets to cone bras: an undergarment retrospective

5th Mar 2019

It’s Women’s History Month, so let’s take a brief pictorial of the evolution of our undergarments! Since ancient Greece, women have been looking for ways to support, constrain, or enhance our body par … read more

5 ways to help build positive self esteem in girls

26th Feb 2019

On a whim one recent morning, I asked my daughter to name some things she liked about herself, and her list was impressive and varied: "my hair, I’m a good climber, I can whistle, I’m a good sister, I … read more