Now Taking Appointments!

26th Sep 2018

Did you know September was self-improvement month? We've been talking about that a lot over here at Levana Bratique. There's lots of articles online about things you can do for self improvement. Yoga. … read more

Accommodating Any Bosom

19th Sep 2018

If your band and cup size combination falls in the average range, you might be wondering why we keep talking so much about our ability to accommodate any bosom here at Levana Bratique. But if your bod … read more

A Love Affair with Lacy Bras

13th Sep 2018

I learned a new word this month: Amourette, which means a brief love affair, an ephemeral fling. What does that have to do with bras?? Well! Glad you asked. Triumph makes a delightful bra we thin … read more

Self Improvement Starts at Skin Level: Buy Bras That Fit!

3rd Sep 2018

We are spending this month thinking about self-improvement and gratitude. How, you might ask, do either of those concepts relate to a store selling bras? The truth is that buying a bra that fits you w … read more

Our Five Favorite Nursing Bras

29th Aug 2018

A stranger on the Internet once told my friend she had "saggy flapjack knockers." After years of nursing her children, wearing saggy old nursing bras, she felt this observation was accurate. But it do … read more