Transformation Tuesday

10th Jul 2018

We see so many glorious transformations here in our bratique. Clients slump in here with saggy, gray bras they've had for decades. They strut out wearing a properly-fitting, comfortable bra that makes … read more

Break Up With Bad Bras

2nd Jul 2018

Let us know if this sounds familiar. You open your lingerie drawer in the morning and sigh. You pull out a bra with frayed fabric around the underwire. Another has saggy straps. Another has twisted, b … read more

What's Hot at the Bratique This Summer?

25th Jun 2018

By now, you have surely noticed the heat wave sweeping the nation. Oof! These steamy, sticky temperatures mean our customers are seeking lingerie that's light and meant to be seen under airy tanks and … read more

It's Never Too Hot for Cappuccino

18th Jun 2018

Ewa Michalak is famous for their beautiful, sexy bras that hold up a heavy load. Their Cappuccino Plunge bra is no exception. This lace-covered bra is simply gorgeous, and no matter your cup … read more

All Are Welcome Here

4th Jun 2018

What do we mean when we say we have a bra for every body at Levana Bratique? Just that. If someone wants a bra that's beautiful, functional, and supportive, we want to find one for them and make sure … read more