Boob-eez Headlight Hiders

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Made out of super-thin silicone, Boob-eez Headlight Hiders offer a magical invisible barrier between breasts and clothing. Go into every adventure standing tall with confidence! 

  • 100% Silicone, backed with washable adhesive for multiple uses and easy care.
  • Can be worn with or without a bra.
  • Available in two different sizes to fit every woman.

Boob-eez are different from other nipple concealing products on the market because:

  • They are perfectly sized to cover only the nipple and do not add bulk or size to the breast.

  • They have a "disappearing edge" that makes them virtually invisible under clothing!

  • Boob-eez are made from a durable silicone material backed by a washable adhesive to allow for multiple uses and easy care.

  • They are not "stickers" that tend to peel off - Boob-eez can even be worn under a bathing suit!