Bra Washing Cube/Pod

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Are you looking for something to protect your bras while they are being washed? This is the perfect solution! The Bra Washing Cube and Bra Washing Pod are designed to offer protection for your precious lingerie during washing. This cube is large enough to accommodate two bras (7" x 10" x 7") and the pod is specifically designed for molded cup bras (measuring 8.5" in diameter and 18 inches across when opened) -with two separate chambers to protect the cups of your favorite bras. Each has a sandwich mesh layer which helps to keep the bra's shape, a plastic rib to give support and are made from mesh materials to provide good water circulation for cleansing. Both styles have a nylon zipper which will not rust. You pay good money for your bras - now protect them while you are washing them!

Manufactured by Innovative Home Creations. US Patent Pending.

Customer Testimonials:
•"The bras are working great. I super love that bra bag and plan on buying one for my sisters soon. What a wonderful invention that is. It really protects your bras. Thank you so much again for everything. You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it. Denise M., Lodi, OH