Hospital Grade Rental Pumps

For many moms, pumping breast milk is a necessity. At A Mother's Boutique, we'll do whatever we can to help you keep nursing as long as possible; that's why we offer a wide selection of hospital-grade rental pumps and accessories. We will set up a rental contract that allows you to rent a pump for as long as you would like (the contract begins five business days after your order date to allow for shipping time). Our collection of hospital-grade rental pumps includes Ameda Platinum Pumps and Elite Breast Pumps. We also offer carrying bags and carrying cases to make storage and transportation easier. Each hospital-grade rental pump comes with detailed instructions that explain use and care. They're easy to clean and easy to store. Many moms choose hospital-grade rental pumps over personal-use pumps because they are more powerful and generally produce a higher yield during pumping. In addition to rental pumps, we sell all the accessories you'll need, like breast milk storage bags and milk collection bottles. We'll help you streamline the pumping process so your baby can get the vital nourishment he or she needs.