Tanya Full Bust Bra

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Another one of our Full Bust bras for ladies with larger busts.  This style of bra lifts and flatters even the largest of busts.

  • Semi-soft bra with a higher bridge ideal for medium neckline.
  • Gathers the breasts in a way they do not stick outside the contour of the body.
  • Lifts the bust giving it a rounded shape with a subtly marked peak, which adds a little lightness to your silhouette.
  • The bottom of the cups is made of knitwear, strengthened using an innovative technology to hold the breasts at the right level.
  • Top part of the cups is made of two layers of elastic tulle, which allows it to adjust easily even to an asymmetric bust.
  • As an additional decoration the bra features thin straps peeping coquettishly out of the neckline. Their length can be adjusted to the size of your bust.
  • The bra features cups with more coverage, going round the breasts keeping a tight reign on them.
  • Perfect even for heavy busts.
  • Fully-adjustable straps with tiny decorative bows.
  • The center gore adorned with a bow, too.
  • The band is firm, not really stretchy so that it doesn't give in to the weight of bust with use.
  • The underwires are narrow, adjusted to the demands of bra size.
  • To increase user's comfort the underwires are shorter than the channeling and do not fill it completely.
  • It is possible that the center gore will not touch the sternum, it is, however, allowed in this style.
  • Taking into account the weight of bust FB style is dedicated for, each bra comes with additional silicone pads to use under straps for greater wearing comfort.
  • The pads are beige.
  • NOTE: this style has EU band sizing and UK cup sizing, we have converted it to US sizing for your convenience.
  • Additional sizes available by request.

Hand-Sewn in Poland by Ewa Michalak.

The band and cup on this bra runs very snug, so most people prefer to go up one or two sizes. For instance: if you are normally a 36P, you may want to try this bra in a 40P instead.