Transformation Tuesday

10th Jul 2018

We see so many glorious transformations here in our bratique. Clients slump in here with saggy, gray bras they've had for decades. They strut out wearing a properly-fitting, comfortable bra that makes them feel as good as they look with their bust properly supported!

We don't always remember to snap a picture of our most stunning transformations--we often talk about LaRae, who arrived in a 40-O and left in a 44-Q--but we wanted to share a few of our favorites to show you just how dramatic a difference the right bra can make. 

First up, we've got Maxine. She came in wearing a 36DD and left in a 30I. (She also wore her new bra out of the store and she reluctantly put on her old bra for the before picture!) Maxine has been wearing bras from stores that typically only go up to DD. As you can see in the before photo, her bra wasn't supporting her bust and she's spilling into her armpits. She also looks wider because the proportions were wrong.

In the after photo, she's wearing the Freya Idol Allure Balcony Bra. This contour, t-shirt bra is lightly padded to offer a bit of shape. There's also supportive powermesh panels at the front sides to keep your bust forward.

Doesn't Maxine look so much slimmer and more supported? Just from wearing a bra that fits her body instead of making her body fit her bra!

Remember Ann? She came in spilling out of a 36DD and left with a 34O!

Ann is one of our many clients with a small band size and a large bust--her 36 band was much too loose. One of the bras Ann loved was our Biscuit Plunge Bra. So many of our customers love Biscuit that we asked Ewa Michalak to produce it in a non-nursing version. While you can buy the nursing version anywhere, the non-nursing version is available exclusively from us! Look what a difference it's made for Ann. Her breasts are in front of her body, high up where they belong. In the before photo, her bust is at her elbows. Now, when she moves her arms, she no longer bumps into her breasts. We call this the Ewa Difference

Another Ewa Difference--Jennifer transformed from a 38D to a 36I. In the after picture, you can see how nicely her breasts are gathered in the center and lifted instead of falling to the sides. The bra that made her look so sleek is the Ewa Gladys Bra - one of our favorites! Though it's an unpadded bra, the material is thicker. This is perfect for you if you like the rounded look of a padded bra without the added thickness. The bottom of the cups is made from stable knitwear while the top is made of double-layered elastic tulle, which adjusts to the shape of breasts, even if asymmetrical.

Finally, we don't have a before pic of Sara, but we want to remind you all of her story. She came to us to get some sexy new bras after she decided to get boudoir shots as a gift for her husband. She arrived wearing 44C bras that were falling to pieces. We fit her into some beautiful 38G bras and sent her off to the studio. After her fitting, Sara says, "I felt like I was in high school again. I had this aha! moment where I thought this is where my breasts are supposed to be. This is what I'm supposed to feel like."